Beef and Lamb


Cows are herbivores. They were made to graze for their food. They were not designed to eat or digest grain. Feeding grain turns the cows’ stomach acid and alters the systems’ Ph balance. We understand and know that feeding an herbivore grain makes them sick. We do not believe that it is in our healths’ best interest to eat animals that are not healthy. Our cows are strictly grass-fed and finished using a management intensive grazing system, knowing the meat that is produced is safe to eat and nutritionally superior to that of cows finished on grain. Following nature’s patterns, the cows prepare the pasture for the poultry because poultry prefer their forage to be shorter. It is more tender, easier for them to digest, and higher in protein than taller grasses. We own a small herd of Angus cross beef cattle. The calves we finish for beef sales are of our own breeding and born right here on the farm. Our beef is available for your freezer. Please contact us to place an order!


Tunis sheep, are a medium-framed heritage breed, mild in flavor, that finishes well on forage alone. Lambs and cows are complimentary, in that, they do not generally compete for the same weeds and grasses. Adding the lambs to our rotational grazing system should continue to improve our pastures. The lambs have proven to be a wonderful addition to our farm.