Farm Tours

We are a working family farm whose work load increases each year.  We do not hire outside help, the additional work hours are distributed between family members based on personal interests and capabilities.  As much as we love visitors and giving guided tours, they require much time and energy.  If we get five visitors in a week that want to tour the farm I have had to give up at least 10 hours of working time. The work that was scheduled still has to be done. The other family members have to pick up extra work in order for us to meet our goals for the week and I have to work additional hours catching up on the time that was lost from production. To ensure our family’s well being and to prevent burn out we have made some changes for the 2010 season and anticipate that you will be most understanding.

Guided Tours

If our farm tour does not fit your schedule you can contact us to schedule a guided tour on a different day/time. We ask $100 an hour.

Free Farm Tours

Please contact us to schedule a tour for yourself or organization. Group size is limited to 15. Tours start at 6:30 pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early. We will not back track for late arrivals. Please wear clothing appropriate for the weather and shoes or boots that can get dirty (because they will!).

June 30
July 28
August 11
September 29