We purchased our first Great Pyrenees in the spring of 2007 as our free range hens and pastured poultry began to get predator pressure from raccoons. We fell in love with this remarkable breed and knew at that time, one would never be enough! 

Our journey with Great Pyrenees began then and our story continues.  We breed and raise some of the finest working dogs and family companions.  Many of our pups placed in family homes have passed CGC, therapy certification, serve as emotional support dogs, are trained as service dogs, and compete in AKC events.

We spend many, many hours with our growing pups and pay special attention observing individual temperaments as they develop.  Along with my personal observations, I also test all of the pups at 49 days using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.  In this way, we can be confident that each puppy is being placed where it will do best; either in a working environment or as a family companion. 

Our puppies stay with their mom until they leave for their new homes.  Especially with a working breed, we feel this is crucial, as they don’t even begin to follow mom out into the field to patrol until around 6 wks. of age.  At this time, until they leave for their new homes at 10 wks., mom teaches them many first lessons, which we feel is of utmost importance to the puppy for the rest of its life.

Your puppy will be accustomed to being handled and groomed and come to you started with instruction on basic obedience commands.  It will be well socialized with people of all ages.  It will be introduced to and socialized with poultry and livestock. 

We do feed our dogs and puppies a high quality kibble, raw meat and bones.  Please ask if you would like more information on a species specific raw diet for your puppy.

Puppy Selection:
Size, confirmation, LGD traits, eagerness to please, level of independence and dominance cannot be determined at birth or even at 4-6 weeks.  Many breeders will allow you to choose a puppy based on looks at a very young age, a feeling you get or a color.  Pyrenees pups are adorable and fluffy and soft…..enough to make anyone’s heart melt.   Just like children, each puppy is born its own self.  Each family and working environment is unique.  Many, many Pyr’s are abandoned in shelters, given to rescues, tossed from home to home because the breeder did not properly evaluate and appreciate his/her puppy for the unique being it is and the family it was best suited for.  I will keep a puppy indefinitely before I will place it in a home or working environment it is not fit to succeed in.  Please trust my knowledge and judgement in this area.

The primary color of Great Pyrenees is white.  A puppy can be born all white, with badger markings and mask, tan or red markings and mask or wolf grey badger markings and mask.  Most markings, besides wolf grey badger, fade and recede as the puppy grows into an adult.  Most adults appear white.  Although we do take preference for color into account when choosing a puppy for you we encourage you to take into consideration that markings fade and the heart of a puppy is not found its coat color.  If you MUST have a specific color, then you must also be patient and willing to possibly wait for another litter if the puppy is not present in our current litter.  

With a powerful working breed we understand and you should too that a good working relationship with your dog for its life is more important than any color variation it is born with. Selection begins after aptitude testing is complete.  Puppies are placed at the age of 10 weeks.

Our pups range in price from $995 to $1200 depending on the dogs mated to produce the litter.  Price will be listed on our AVAILABLE PUPPIES page.

Puppy Deposits:
Our puppy deposit is $500. This deposit is non-refundable and is placed towards the purchase price of your anticipated puppy!  Deposits are accepted by POSTAL MONEY ORDER or PayPal only.  If sending by mail with a purchased postal money order, please send by 2 day priority mail with tracking.  A 3 day courtesy hold will be placed for your puppy preference.  If deposit is not received in that time, puppy may be offered to the next family waiting. By placing a deposit, you understand that is not refundable (because I have turned away other families to hold your spot), but can be forwarded to the next available litter, and you agree with the terms of our contract and health guarantee.  Adding a Great Pyrenees to your family or farm is a serious, long term commitment to be considered carefully!

Included with your puppy:
Health testing of the parent dogs to ensure the health and physical soundness of your new puppy
Microchipping through AKC reunite with lifetime registration, no charge to you
AKC limited registration, paperwork and fees completed and paid for you
Vet check up
Regular deworming and fecal checks as needed
Limited vaccinations for the long term health of your puppy based on Dr. Dodd’s 2017 vaccine protocol
A puppy bag filled with goodies, a blanket, toy, food, and breed specific information to get you started
Lifetime support for your family companion or LGD