Guiding Principles

We made a promise to one another, from the beginning, to price according to its worth so that we never feel we have to cut corners in labor or compromise the animals well being in diet or management.  Paying and receiving a fair price helps to ensure that we can continue to do what we do and provide you with the best possible food for your family.

“I want to see my business not just as a source of income, but as a way for me to express my love for life and  for others.” ~Cecil O. Kemp Jr.
What we do is more than a job. It is our life and our passion.

We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” ~Native American Proverb
We believe that is is not only our responsibility to care for the land we have been given, but to work to improve it for future generations. In everything we do here, we are striving to meet that end.

We are what we eat.  We learned years ago that we can only be as healthy as the food we eat is, plant or animal.  Food produced from a farm that is conscious of this and uses sustainable farming  practices will produce food that is most likely to promote our good health.

Pastured livestock and poultry moved to fresh forage frequently is nutritionally superior.  It is not enough for the animals to be on grass, they must be able to move to fresh grass often, if not daily.  By pasturing our animals we are also doing our part to protect and mend the land we have been given.

Our sustainable farm practices consider the uniqueness of each animal we raise and mimic nature as closely as possible.  Our chickens follow our cows, like the birds followed the buffalo. We also utilize the “plow” on the end of the pigs nose for our benefit and the poultry we raise is given enough space to flap their wings and chase after bugs.

We do not ship food.  We will never ship food.  We are committed to serving our local community and believe that is all starts right here!  We urge you to seek out farms in your local area and purchase as much food from your local farms as you possibly  can.  Make an effort to educate yourself on the seasonality of food and re-acquaint yourselves with your kitchen to enable yourself to utilize the seasonal food available in your area.  It makes sense!  Economic and global change and healing starts right in your community.  Lets all do our part.