The efforts of ALFA (Alcona Local Foods Association) were realized in May 2010 when a huge flat bed trailer delivered eight hoophouses to be erected in the community through a grant secured by ALFA through the USDA’s Farmers Market Promotion Program and The Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Initiative.

One hoop house was constructed in Harrisville at the Harrisville Recreation Center  for community members to use and all others were given to grower’s for the purpose of promoting Alcona Farmer’s Market and increasing the availability of locally produced food in Alcona county.  We will be forever thankful for the effort ALFA made to provide such a gift to us!

We began construction of our hoop house in the summer of 2010, as time allowed.  Thankfully, we had the help of our good neighbor, Bruce Buchinger, otherwise we may still be attempting to put it up!

It is through this hoophouse that we have been able to extend our growing season by producing vegetables two months earlier in the spring and two months later in the fall.