Our Story

In October of 2005 we moved back to the farm Robert grew up on, making us the 4th generation to live and farm here. Robert’s dad, Jack, was still farming beef cattle so we had limited access to barns for raising our own livestock. We had little usable money to build animal housing and also had to take into consideration that our farm practices could not compete with what Jack had already built here for himself. Having no barns available to us turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Through our desire to raise our own meat, an open mind, and some creative thinking, we discovered pastured poultry production. There was little demand for infrastructure because the poultry are raised outdoors on pasture, while the weather is warm, seasonally. The nutritive value of what we could produce on pasture for our family far surpassed anything we could have raised conventionally in a barn. Through pastured poultry our family farm and business has flourished. We happily offer to you eggs the year round, seasonal fresh produce and fruit, and meat you don’t have to be afraid to eat.