Farm Store

You will find someone here to serve you most anytime. You  may call ahead if you are coming from a distance. Meat and eggs are available all year, with inventory being much lower in the winter. Produce will be available on Fridays, June-October, from 4-7 PM or you may check our Farmer’s Market schedule and meet us there! In October we change to produce sales by pre-order only available through our Fresh produce Friday email (please contact us to be added to our email list). Orders placed by Wednesday, midnight, are ready for you to pick up a the farm on Friday from 3-6 p.m.

No Sales on Sunday, please.


  • $4.00 dozen
  • We recycle egg cartons. Please bring some with you.

Plower Power Pork

  • Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Cottage Bacon
  • Smoked Ham(8# average), Smoked Ham Steak & Hocks
  • Breakfast Sausage-Bulk & Link, Ground Pork, Bratwurst
  • Tenderloin, Pork Chops, Steak, Roast
  • Country Style Ribs, Spare Ribs
  • Soup Bones,  Liver, Heart

Grass Fed and Finished Beef

  • Ground Beef-bulk & patties, Club Franks
  • T-Bone, Rib, Sirloin, Round Steaks, Tenderloin
  • Rolled Rump Roast, Stew Meat, Short Ribs
  • Soup Bones, Ox Tail, Heart, Liver, Tongue


  • Ground, kabobs, stew meat, chops, steak, leg of lamb
  • Breast of lamb, rack of lamb


  • Ground, Steak & Chops


Nedo’s Farm Market
4460 S. F41
Mikado, MI 48740


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